Friday, May 1, 2009

Rhode Island.

Hi guys :)

Sorry it took me so long to post about last weekend, this week has been CRAZY with my school choir and stuff. Anyway, visiting the cast last weekend was amazing! I got to RI around 4 and then met up with Anthony to go to their hotel. They were all so nice and really excited that I was there! A bunch of us went to Fire & Ice for dinner, and then I had another costume fitting with the wardrobe supervisor Eva in the theater, which was pretty cool! I tried on all of Claire's outfits (and actually all of them fit me perfectly!) I met a bunch of new people, and everyone was so nice, from the hair dresser and stage crew to the company manager and sound guys. I felt like I belonged there, which was an amazing feeling. After my costume fitting, I went out into the audience to see the show. This was actually a special moment in my Spring Awakening timeline, because it was the 10th time I was seeing the show! Well, they made my 10th time incredible. Every single one of them is disgustingly brilliant & talented; I literally started shaking during MWBM reprise thinking that I'm actually going to be up there in less than a month!(CRAZY, it's May 1st! where did April go??)

After the show, I met up with my mom who was sitting in the nosebleed section (I got a separate ticket so I could be closer haha) and Anthony took us on a backstage tour, which was incredible. He took us on the stage and showed me a bunch of little things that I should know, like where the quick change booth is for when I'm on as Wendla and some other cool things :) I literally never wanted to leave that stage.

It's surreal that I only have 15 actual days left in high school, and that I start rehearsing at the end of the month! I have senioritis multiplied by 50, if you can imagine that. On top of learning 4 sets of lines, a crapload of different voice parts, and a massive amount of blocking, I have a research paper and a lit circle book/journal due at the end of the month and a cat practical in Anatomy. So honestly I have MORE than enough to keep my mind busy for the next 31 days, but in reality, this is all I think about.

Until next time!

Krista :)


  1. hey krista. i'm really excited for you!!!! i actually got to see the tour in LA three times and it was amazing. i can only imagine how excited you must feel to be part of such an amazing show. you are so lucky!!! ever since the orange county performing arts center announced that SA was coming to costa mesa i've been counting the days till opening night. hope you have lots of fun. can't wait to meet you at the stage door in costa mesa!!! :)

  2. ^^ My thoughts exactly :) I saw Spring for the first time in LA after following the show for a while (because high school really likes taking time out of the day, riiight? Haha) and I am so excited that the show is coming back! Wishing you the best of luck in the months to come and perhaps I'll see you someday in the future :D

    - Julia *Internet cookies*

  3. Congratulations on getting the job Krista! You're going to make a fabulous addition to this wonderful cast. Have a blast! =)

  4. Awesome. I am so happy for you!! Thanks so much for keeping us updated. :D