Friday, April 24, 2009

Wendla dresses!

Hey guys!

So I had my fitting today with Maiko, the associate wardrobe supervisor. It went so well! I tried on all of my Wendla costumes and picked out what my chairacter costume will be! It's going to be a babydoll dress with tights and flats, very Wendla-esque! I'm so excited to see the show in Rhode Island tomorrow!! I have another fitting scheduled tomorrow in RI around 4, and then I'm having dinner with the cast, and then seeing the show! Can't wait :) Until next time!



  1. Much luck and warmest wishes to you from the Guilty Ones! Everyone's certain you're going to be phenomenal. And I look forward to your blogs. :)

    ~ Kate

  2. krista....if you only knew how like ALL of my friends are trying to find me a wendla dress! like seriously people keep sending me links of dresses that look wendla ish! i don't really know what i want one...i think it's just so i have an excuse to dress up in a costume and walk around the house singing spring awakening! ooooohhh and doing random SA photoshoots and music videos...which i totally would do :]