Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spring it On/Swing Awakening!

Hey guys! Wow, what a week for the swings of Spring Awakening!! We've gone on so many times! Let's see: Chase went on for Hanschen twice, Krystina went on for Thea at intermission last night, Kayla went on for Thea this afternoon and I'm on tonight! Yay!! Also, Justin is
playing Hanschen next Friday in Ft. Meyers, and the three of us girls are playing Martha from Thursday - Saturday! It's a true Swing Awakening!! :) Here's a funny picture from DC of me as Thea, Matt as Melchi and Chase as Georg! The craziest swing awakening EVER! Haha!

I also wanted to write to you guys to tell you to come to our cabaret in Rochester. It's going to be AMAZING, I promise! I'll be performing and playing "Hometown Glory" by Adele :) So, if you're anywhere near the tri-state area, come out and support our cabaret - Spring it On! (clever, right??)

Hope some of you can catch my Thea tonight! Or maybe my Martha in Ft. Meyers on Saturday? If not, I hope to see you all at the cabaret!! It's for a really great cause, the money will go to an arts program in Rochester, so come out and support the arts!! If it weren't for the AMAZING performing arts program in my high school, I wouldn't be here today living my dream. Hope I see you all there!! xo

Until next time,

Krista :)