Friday, April 24, 2009

Wendla dresses!

Hey guys!

So I had my fitting today with Maiko, the associate wardrobe supervisor. It went so well! I tried on all of my Wendla costumes and picked out what my chairacter costume will be! It's going to be a babydoll dress with tights and flats, very Wendla-esque! I'm so excited to see the show in Rhode Island tomorrow!! I have another fitting scheduled tomorrow in RI around 4, and then I'm having dinner with the cast, and then seeing the show! Can't wait :) Until next time!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Just too unreal, all this.

Hi bloggers :)

So I'm finally starting to realize that this is all really happening. It's crazy and amazing and scary and everything I've ever wanted, so it's kind of overwhelming to think about haha. I've been getting emails this past week from the stage manager about my first rehearsals and my script/score and my costume fitting - which is next friday! freaking out!! - and the SA press rep about my headshot and bio and all this is happening so fast and I couldn't be happier :D Hopefully I'll snap a quick pic of me in the Wendla dress and knee socks next week and post it!!

Also, to top everything off, my parents surprised me with tickets to see the tour in Rhode Island next weekend! I'm SO unbelievably excited to see my new cast members perform, and to hang out with them for the day :) Pictures to come! Until next time!

Krista :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The start of a blog.

Hey everyone!

At the request of a few close friends, I've decided to start this blog to keep track of my soon-to-be crazy life on the road in the 1st National Tour of the Tony-Award Winning Broadway Musical Spring Awakening! I've been auditioning for the casting team of SA for about 3 years now, and I am so excited that my time has finally come to be a part of this incredible show!! I will post events, memories, videos, and photos to keep everyone updated on my status across the country :)

I just want to share with you guys the story of how this all happened - it's a crazy one! I started this whole journey when I was just 12 years old. My mom read the script for the original workshop, called my agent, and said "My daughter is absolutely NOT auditioning for this show." I was devastated, but a few years later, when they decided to bring the show to Broadway, I got my chance to audition. The casting team really liked me, and called me in for a final callback for one of the female ensemble members after months of auditioning. The final 10 girls went to Kimberly Grigsby's apartment to rehearse Mama Who Bore Me, Dark I Know Well & Blue Wind. In my group was Jenn Damiano, who eventually got cast in that role. I was so upset, but I never gave up. I kept auditioning for them for a year, and they kept telling me to come back when I was a little older. Finally, the auditions for the National Tour arrived, and they wanted to see me. I was 2 weeks away from my 16th birthday, and I wished and prayed with all my might that I would finally be old enough. The final tour audition days were so much fun. There were about 45 of us left; we all rehearsed together in a studio in NYC to learn The Song of Purple Summer for the next day's audition, which took place on the stage of the Eugene O'Neill Theater for the ENTIRE CREATIVE TEAM - including the amazing director Michael Mayer, and the geniuses who wrote this amazing show, Steven Sater & Duncan Sheik! My audition went so well, and I was so excited. Unfortunately, I got the call from my agent that I was too young, yet again. They told me that they couldn't see me anymore until I turned 17, because they wanted me to understudy the role of Wendla. I was excited that they wanted me for the lead, but upset at the same time because my dream seemed so close, but yet so far out of reach, and out of my control. It felt like I would never turn 17.

Well, thankfully, and inevitably, on November 20th, I did! And then March came, and I found out one of the girl swings is leaving the tour at the end of May. I hoped and prayed that they would call me in to auditon. They did. My last audition for the casting team was about 3 weeks ago in NYC. I sang Whispering, MWBM Reprise, & My Junk for Kim Grigsby and Carrie Gardner. I walked out of the Ripley-Grier Studio feeling like I nailed the audition, but second guessing every note I sang and every facial expression I made. Less than an hour later, my agent called me with the most incredible news I've ever gotten. I was the new female swing/Wendla u/s on the National Tour of Spring Awakening!!! I literally started balling my eyes out in front of a hotdog cart on 8th Avenue.

My dream is finally a reality, and I am so excited to meet my SA Family in only a few months! I've been facebooking most of them, and they're so excited for me to join them, which makes me even more excited! I start rehearsing music with Kimberly on May 26th, then I have prom on the 29th (yes, I'm still a normal kid who goes to her senior prom!!), and then I head out to Louisville, KY on June 1st. I'm literally counting down the days!! As of this moment, I have no idea when I will be going on, but as I find out, if I do, I will let you guys know. :) Hope you guys will enjoy being along for this crazy ride with me :) Until next time!

Krista :)