Sunday, May 17, 2009

One more week of normal!

Hey guys!

So, this is it. Tomorrow starts my last week in high school, and probably the last normal week of my life. Honestly, it's starting to sink in more and more, but I won't completely believe it until my rehearsals next week, maybe not even until my first performance! Anyway, my going away party was yesterday - so much fun! I literally had everyone I love in one room for 4 hours. It was at my favorite Italian restaurant, Scerbo's, and we just ate and talked and sang karaoke (which was a HUGE success since all my friends are ridiculously talented) all afternoon! At the end of my party, all of my friends got together and had me sit down by the karaoke machine, and they sang the graduation song by Vitamin C to me...I cried! And I got it on video, but you can hear me crying in the background haha.

Well, that's it for now. I suppose the next time I post on here will be when I'm an official member of the Spring Awakening family! Still weird saying that outloud. Until next time!

Krista :)


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  2. Aw Krista! Graduation is always scary, but you're going to be just fine! And then you are going to start, what I'm sure will be, the most amazing job ever!

  3. Graduation is always the beginning of something more exciting. Hopefully you'll still be in the tour when I'm able to see it next, I'd love to see what you can do!

    Have a great first rehearsal, and a great time at graduation! This is also my last week of high school, and I'm sure you're much more nervous than I am! This cast is fantastic, and you're an amazing addition.

  4. I love your updates - best wishes to you and your journey!!

    And I just bought tickets for DC yesterday! SO excited!! :)