Saturday, June 13, 2009

Baltimore, Jake rehearsals, Twitter.

Hi guys!

So here we are in Baltimore, Maryland! I'm absolutely in love with the Inner Harbor, which equals the smell of salt water, shopping, and great food. The shows have been going pretty well overall - I had my first show off since I've been here on Tuesday night! The audiences haven't been responding to everything, but they're laughing at appropriate times and such. My cousin came to visit me yesterday which was fun! It's nice to see a familiar face once in a while.

We've been rehearsing all week with our soon-to-be new Melchior, Jake Epstein. We had a full work through yesterday, and I got to play Thea, which was fun! He's such a talented actor and his voice really fits Melchior, so I think he's going to make an amazing replacement.

As a side note, I may be giving in to twitter...we'll see how that goes!

Until next time,

Krista :)


  1. Glad you are having an awesome time! And that's really cool that you got to play Thea. =)

    Hopefully you will still be with the tour when I get to see it again! And it's great to hear about the Jake rehearsals.

    I hope all is well and best of luck with rest of the shows!


  2. Cool! You guys should make a TotallyTrucked video so we can 'meet' you and Jake. I really want to see what he's like and what you're like in costume or whatever.

    - Kaedtiann